This tool allows you to display the statistics about the courses given in all the previous semesters, with a detailed analysis of the section, instructor and course GPAs as well as the letter grades. You can display the graphics of these statistics by simply choosing the department and course code, then you can remove instructors from or add instructors to the table by clicking their names on the legend.


IEEE Scheduler is a tool which enables you to create combinations of schedules and helps them to find out whether or not there are any course conflicts for the program you planned for a semester whose pre-registration period had already started. You can add any course by selecting the department and course code. Then, you can restrict your choices corresponding to a particular course by clicking on the Section and Teacher selection buttons, so that you will be able to manage the sections and teachers you desire to include in your schedule. Additionally, you can select the hours in which you want to be free by clicking on the corresponding time slots, then display the schedules that fit your choice.