WebWorks is general 5 session, basic to intermediate level web design training series. During this course, participants will learn fundamental concepts of web programming and computer networks. After each session, the students will practice their what they have learned by building a blog platform project. For more information, please visit:

WebWorks Website: http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/webworks
Event Report(TR): http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/etkinlik/webworks.pdf

Mobile Days

Mobile Days is a two day/single track international conference gathering engineers, students and mobile enthusiasts together at Bilkent University. During this event, we introduce respected speakers from all over the world, aiming to broaden participants’ knowledge in latest mobile technologies. For more information, please visit:

Mobile Days Official Website: http://www.mobilgunler.org
Event Report (TR) : http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/etkinlik/mg.pdf

Women In Work Life

Women in Work Life is a discussion panel which is arranged by WIE Bilkent. It aims to help young women to overcome the sexist perspectives and applications they encounter in business life. The main objective is to bring the succesful women who share their experiences and attendants together.  For detailed information;

IEEE Bilkent WiE Website: http://wie.ieeebilkent.org/
Event Report (TR): http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/etkinlik/istekadin.pdf

Üniversiteye Doğru (Road to University)

Üniversiteye Doğru (Road to University) is an educational program organized by IEEE Bilkent Student Branch with student volunteers and aimed to demostrate campus life, engineering departments and their work and research areas to highschool students from all quarters of Turkey. This 5 day program consists of seminars, laboratory works, conferences, entertaining events and provides awareness in engineering areas before their university preparation period.

Website: http://www.universiteyedogru.com
Event Report (TR): http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/etkinlik/ud.pdf

Career Forum

Career Forum is an event organized by the IEEE Bilkent Student Branch and is open to anyone who wants to join. The annual forum  helps and guides participants to plan the direction they want to go in their careers. Each year, Bilkent IEEE Student Branch invites the most distinguished companies among their own work fields and gives them the opportunity to get together with students. Students have the opportunity to deliver their CVs at first hand and ask their questions to the company employees.
For more information please check our event report:

Career Forum Official Website: http://www.kariyerforum.org
Event Report: http://ieee.bilkent.edu.tr/etkinlik/kf.pdf


IEEExtreme is a 24-hours hackathon organized globally by IEEE annually. The first IEEExtreme event was organized in 2006 and approximately 6000 undergraduate and graduate students joined the hackathon. Students group up and solve programming assignments that are revealed throughout the event. The programs written by groups are evaluated by the quality of the algorithm/implementation and the speed in which the program is produced. After the contest, winning groups are rewarded with various prizes.

CS Tutorials

CS Tutorials: Computer Society offers several free tutorials during the whole year. These tutorials are mostly intro lessons for programming languages like Python, C, C++, Android, Java, and MatLab. The only prerequisite of these courses is basic computer knowledge.

RAS Tutorials

IEEE Bilkent organizes series of lectures based on fundamental electronic circuits and micro controllers annually. In these lectures, electronic components that build a project is examined both in theory and practice and Arduino controller and IDE is taught for building projects. The lectures are available for everyone who are interested and there are project groups available for those who would like to seek further progress on basic electronics.

Engineering Talks

On the purpose of keeping engineering students close to industry, RAS community organizes Engineering Chats. It is an event which focuses on Industry 4.0. and creates a good opportunity to catch with current technologies such as Neural Networks, Li-Fi, IOT, Computer Vision, Big Data etc. in the warm environment of Kıvılcım Ecosystem.